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Updated June 16, 2022
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The Best Mattresses for A Good Night’s Sleep

Mattresses in a Box Direct to your Door

The Best All-Around Luxury Mattress — Saatva Classic Mattress

Best All-Around Mattress Luxury in a Box — Saatva Classic Mattress

It’s the kind of luxurious, cozy mattress that makes us consider staying in bed just a little longer. Known as a “hybrid,” the Saatva Classic wins due to its comfy combination of responsive coils that cradle your body and soft, plush layers with a three-inch pillow top. With extra spinal support and stronger, firmer coils in the center third of the mattress — where the most bodyweight resides — the Saatva Classic doubles down on back support. We love how it keeps us cool all night, thanks to its breathable, organic cotton sleep surface and dual-level coils that increase airflow. Choose your level of firmness with three options: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. Comes with a 180-night home trial and a 25-year warranty.

The Best Quality Matress for The Price — Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

It is possible to get a comfy bed at a reasonable price, so everyone in the house sleeps soundly. That’s what we love about the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid. This high-value mattress combines individual coils with “hyper-responsive” foam for greater support, compression, and comfort. The cushy, quilted top delivers softness and breathability. This mattress is also durable and comes in three levels of firmness: soft, medium, and firm. We chose the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid for our own guest house. In fact, we have considered getting the same one for our primary bedroom. The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid includes a 120-night risk-free trial and a 10-year warranty.

Best Quality for The Price Mattress — Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

The Best Pillows for A Good Night’s Sleep

Lay your head on custom, memory foam, and down pillows
Best Custom Pillow — The Pluto Pillow

The Best Custom Pillow — The Pluto Pillow

If every pillow you’ve tried is simply not quite right for one reason or another, the Pluto Pillow might be your salvation. The pillow development process begins with your response to an online quiz that gets to the bottom of your pillow needs and desires, including such things as height, density, feel, and temperature.  Then, Pluto takes your information through its proprietary algorithm and creates a custom pillow uniquely suited to your body, how you sleep, and what you like – the company boasts over 35 variations. Each pillow is made with CertiPUR-US certified foams and a cushion cover with silky fibers. Comes with a 110-night risk-free trial and free shipping and returns. 

The Best Memory Foam Pillow — The Original Coop Memory Foam Pillow

The ideal memory foam pillow cradles your head so you sleep soundly and wake up pain-free. The Original Coop Memory Foam Pillow molds to your body for added comfort and ensures proper spinal alignment. Filled with a hypoallergenic, non-toxic blend of memory foam and microfiber that balances comfort and support, this pillow is great for back and side sleepers and people who snore. Made with a machine washable, super-breathable Lulltra™ fabric, constructed of sustainable bamboo. Includes extra micro-fiber fill. 

Best Memory Foam Pillow — The Original Coop Memory Foam Pillow

The Best Down Pillow — Parachute Down Pillow

The Best Down Pillow — Parachute Down Pillow

Filled with premium European white down, this plush pillow brings the luxury of a fine hotel bed to the comfort of your bedroom and home. It’s simultaneously airy and supportive and available in soft, medium, or firm. The shell is equally luxurious, made of 100% sateen cotton, and it’s sewn with a double-stitched seam.

Alternative to down

For a down-free alternative, select Parachute’s microfiber fill instead. Both come with a three-year warranty.

The Best Blankets & Comforters for a Good Night’s Sleep

Cover up, cuddle up, and catch some z's
Legends Luxury Royal Down Comforter

The Best Overall Luxury Comforter — Legends Luxury Royal Down Comforter

The Legends Luxury Royal Down Comforter issilky soft and the ideal weight – heavy enough for that security blanket feeling and still airy for that cloud-like lightness. With four choices for warmth, it’s easily customizable to each sleeper’s needs. Select from light, medium, extra, and ultra warm – medium is our favorite. It’s filled with ethically sourced, hypoallergenic, RDS certified Hungarian white goose down.

Non-down comforter alternative

For those who love the feel of a down comforter but would rather an alternative fill, try the Legends Luxury™ PrimaLoft® Olympia Down Alternative Comforter, with a similar feel and three levels of warmth.

Best Blanket for Warm Nights & Hot Sleepers — Cozy Earth Bamboo Blanket

Cooler than cotton, the Bamboo Blanket from Cozy Earth is great for warmer nights and hot sleepers. It doubles as an extra layer in chilly weather. The super-soft fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking. It’s machine-washable, made to last, certified green, and comes with Cozy Earth’s risk-free, 100-night trial.

Best Blanket for Warm Nights & Hot Sleepers — Cozy Earth Bamboo Blanket

Best Weighted Blanket — Sunday Citizens' Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket

Best Weighted Blanket — Sunday Citizen’s Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket

This soft, 100% microfiber crystal-infused blanket combines modern comfort with the calming benefits of a weighted blanket and the natural healing energy of crystals. The best weighted blankets apply just the right amount of distributed, gentle pressure on your body to bring comfort and relaxation. Crystals are said to support physical, spiritual, and emotional health and well-being. The Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket contains thousands of bead-like pieces of clear quartz, rose quartz, and amethyst. Available in a queen/king bed blanket and multiple throw blanket weights.

The Most Comfortable (and Modern) Sleepwear For a Better Night’s Sleep

Modern pajamas and ultra comfy PJ-like sleep clothes for men and women
Women's Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajamas in Stretch-Knit

Cozy Earth Women’s Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajamas in Stretch-Knit

Made from 100% Viscose from Bamboo that’s breathable, moisture-wicking, and feels cooler than cotton. Elegant yet ultra comfy and soft. Comes in several colors, including gray, ivory, black, blue, navy, and blush.

Latuza Men’s Short Sleeves and Shorts Pajama Set

Ultra-comfortable and soft, made of 95% Viscose and 5% Spandex, this minimalistic, solid design set comes with a V-neck shirt and drawstring, elastic waist shorts complete with two side pockets.

Latuza Men’s Short Sleeves and Shorts Pajama Set

The Full line of Latuza sleepwear on Amazon for Men & Women

 Latuza sleepwear on Amazon

For a wide selection of super cozy, soft, and modestly priced pajamas for both women and men, check out the full line of Latuza sleepwear on Amazon.

The Best Sheets for Comfort & Modern Style

Soft, luxurious bed sheets for your perfect night's sleep
Boll & Brand Percale Hemmed Sheet Set

Boll & Brand Percale Hemmed Sheet Set

The crisp, smooth sheets on a fine hotel bed, with fabric that is as refined in how it feels as how it looks. That is what you experience with these cotton percale sheets, made with high-quality 100% organic cotton. Each thread is carefully spun to create a cooling weave and fabric that lasts for years. Made in a fair trade factory with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton.

Best Soft Bamboo Sheets — Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

Cozy Earth makes a bold claim that its bamboo sheets are “the world’s softest.” Silky smooth and ultra-soft, these sheets live up to the hype. They are gentle on sensitive skin and moisture-wicking. While some bamboo products tend to pill, these sheets have an enhanced weave that keeps them intact, even through the washing machine. Available in five neutral colors and six sizes.

Best Soft Bamboo Sheets — Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

Best Comfy Cotton Jersey Sheets — The Company Store Cotton Jersey Knit Sheets 

Best Comfy Cotton Jersey Sheets — The Company Store Cotton Jersey Knit Sheets 

These soft sheets feel like your favorite, broken-in T-shirt, the one that’s so shredded that you can’t wear it out of the house but refuse to give it away. Made of 100% cotton, these sheets are knit — not woven — so they’re stretchy, breathable, and resistant to wrinkles. They’re loved by sleepers of all ages and come in a slew of solid colors and five sizes, including Twin XL, suited ideally for your college-bound kid’s dorm room.